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By Cho Foot & Ankle Specialists
May 01, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Toenail Fungus  

Toenail FungusWith summer quickly approaching and warm beach days that include flip-flops and bare feet more than regular everyday shoes, your feet are the last thing you want to feel self-conscious about. But for the many Americans out there who have unsightly toenail fungus, a lack of confidence often sits with them until summer has passed by and the feet-covering months are back.

At Cho Foot And Ankle Specialists, David J. Cho, D.P.M. and Carrie T. Cho, D.P.M.  provide lasting comfort for patients' feet, regardless of how bad their toenail fungus may already be. Though many cases of foot fungus can be tough to get rid of, there are topical creams, like ciclopirox, or oral antifungal solutions, like terbinafine and itraconazole, that will bring lasting relief. 

Laser or light-based therapies can also treat toenail fungus, while nail removal surgery (don't worry - a new one will grow back!) is another common route.

Take a look at some preventive measures you should take to prevent future toenail fungus from attacking your feet below:

  • Don't wear socks or shoes after somebody else
  • Don't share nail clippers
  • Don't cut your nails too short, and cut them straight across
  • Try wearing cotton socks
  • Change your socks at least twice each day, especially if you live an active lifestyle where you sweat often
  • Wear dry shoes that aren't too tight or restrictive on your feet
  • Remember to wear shower sandals when you're at public pools

Also, remembering to wash your feet on a daily basis from the ankle on down will help your feet stay clean. This makes them less conducive to bacterial growth (which leads to infection). Always dry your feet afterwards, because dry feet won't get infected as frequently as moist feet.

For more information on lasting toenail fungus treatments available right here in Virginia Beach, VA, give the office of Cho Foot And Ankle Specialists a call today at (757) 427-7447 and get your feet ready for summer!